Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Coolspring June 2018: Day 1

Coolspring Power Museum 

June 2018 Expo and Flea Market

Hi! Last week was AWESOME! It's been two and a half YEARS since I visited Coolspring Power Museum - boy, oh, boy - have there been changes! So last Monday and Tuesday we were baking, cleaning, and packing in preparation for the June show. It's nerve wrecking and fun at the same time. The anticipation...wow! 

Wednesday morning the three of us loaded into the truck and headed out to northwestern PA. Coolspring Power Museum is found in Coolspring, PA north of Punxsutawney - home of Phil - and south of Brookville. And if you are interested in STEM this is a place you should visit. One of the largest collections of internal combustion engines with 95% live displays! You can see them in action.

The whole way out it rained. Well, sometimes it drizzled and other times it really rained. The great part was the rain stopped before we reached the Brookville exit. It was still overcast for a bit. Our first stop was the General Store for ice. Then we headed to the museum grounds. 

Woo hoo! I'm back!

And the sun came out! (giggles)

After saying hello to a couple of people Xyra and I set up housekeeping. 

Not sure if you can see it, but Xyra and Franz's air mattress has an issue. (giggles) Some of the inner channels burst creating a big lump. 
Too funny! they're getting a new mattress for October.

My area was easy to set up. I brought both sleeping bags. Not sure how cool it would get at night. 

Dinner was with a small group of volunteers. It rained really hard for a bit. We took shelter in a pavilion and building down near Sudlow Station. In fact, we got a text from Flo asking if all was well - there was a tornado warning out, but south of us.

After dinner we headed over to the Power Tech building Annex. Franz worked on a 7 hp Themoil UA engine. 

Outside you could see the steam rising from the woods as the sky cleared and the sun started to set. Super neat.

Here's a better look.

Well, that's all for today - our Wednesday at Coolspring. Hope you enjoyed it. There will be more tomorrow.

Do you ever go tent camping? What is your favorite part? If not, would you want to?

Best wishes,

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