Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tree Decorating 1

Xyra's Little Tree

Cocoa, Meatloaf, Rascal and I were just shaking our heads at Xyra's bare little tree in her office. 
She caught us and put us to work. It was really sunny though, so I put on her blue sunglasses.
She took the hint and lowered the glare shade. Rascal was a little disappointed. He had found a nice pool of sunlight to curl up in.

The lights went on easily, but Rascal wanted to play with the garland not hang it.

Then Cocoa and Meatloaf found the Christmas ornaments. I told them, "No, we don't play with these." They're well trained so they just sniffed them.
The tree is done.

But the decorating isn't, so we had a snack (Cocoa and Meatloaf tried to steal my apples with peanut butter) before...
starting on the train!
Oops! Need to reset that little coach.
Meatloaf liked watching the train go around the tree.
BIG OOPS! That's not good at all.
Now we're smooth running.
Cocoa and Meatloaf were having fun watching the train, but Rascal was more interested in the Christmas ornaments. Have to keep an eye on that kitty - he's named Rascal for a reason.
Just enjoying the tree and train. There is more to put out.
Now we're done done.
And it's getting darker so you can see the lights better.

Hope you have your tree up and decorated. We have two more to do. Yep, two.

See you tomorrow.

Best wishes!