Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Haley's First Tea

Solstice Brews Capricorn Tea

Haley, Xyra

Haley, it's time for tea.
Would you like to help brew it?
Oh, yes!
Good. Come to the kitchen. Look for a tea to feature.
How about this Capricorn tea from Solstice Brews?

Good choice.
Is this loose tea?
No, bag.
I have a bag.
Put in in the cup.

Does anything else go in?
Yes, we add a little bit of sugar and a splash of milk.
The cup is ready. Now for the water.
Haley, haven't you heard? A watched pot doesn't boil.
We'll be able to hear when it is ready.
Water's ready! (Steam doesn't photograph very well. Sorry about that.)

Now we let it steep.
How long?
Three minutes.
Is that all?
Well, it can be longer. Up to five minutes.
Why do we do three?
This blend has chicory root in it. Chicory root can also be used to brew a coffee like beverage. So if it steeps too long it tastes more like coffee than tea. BLECH!
Ohhhh. This looks and tastes really good.
Where did you find this one?
Solstice Brews was one of the vendors at the Steampunk Unlimited event we attended in early November. It is fun to try new blends so I bought two from them. We will try the Absinthe Aethers another time.
Why Capricorn?
(laughing) That's my zodiac sign and Melody's too.

Congratulations on your first tea!

Thank you. It was fun. I hope to help again.

Have a  great day! Stay warm with a nice cuppa tea.

PS. As always, we are not affiliated with any companies represented. The links are purely for information; we are not asking you to buy anything. All the opinions shared in the review or preparing of the tea are our own.



  1. Haley looks like an expert at making tea. I have never tried putting milk in my tea.

    1. It's good with or without. We like many black teas with milk. Unless the blend has citrus in it...then definitely without or it curdles. :(
      Green and white teas are best without unless suggested in the brewing instructions.

  2. Oooh... I love tea! (So does Kanani.) I always drink mine with just honey. My favorite is probably lemon or chamomile.

    1. We do like honey in our tea too. Mostly in the green teas, but especially in lemon teas. We're still trying chamomile; haven't found one we like yet.

  3. Cool! When did you get Haley? I haven't seen her before. Is she a Madam Alexander?

    1. She has only been with us since November 24. Yes, she is a Madame Alexander from when they were offered through Avon. A friend started collecting a doll for each of her granddaughters, but changed her mind about which dolls and couldn't use her anymore. So she gifted her to us. :-D

    2. That's nice of her! I love MA dolls, but have heard many bad stories about the quality since the company was taken over. But my favourites are the hard plastic ones from the 1950's which use the famous Maggie and Margaret face moods. They're so beautiful!