Sunday, December 29, 2013

After Christmas Fun

Xyra and a bunch of her friends went bowling and I got to go along. It was so much fun!
When we arrived they told us which lanes were ours - we had 3!
Everyone changed shoes. [Mine aren't quite right, perhaps Xyra will get the AG bowling outfit for future outings.]
Then we entered bowler names in the computers.

It was fun watching how it kept score.
Then we took a break for dinner - I'm glad we got Molly's lunchbox for Christmas it was perfect for tonight.
Then it was my turn.

This bowling ball is really big...
but I managed to get all but 3 pins down.
Check out the prizes!
Yeah, I was goofing around a bit.
There were prizes for potential for improvement, low score, high score, creative bowling, 
1st place team, 
and the big, sparkly golden pin was the grand prize for consistency.
It was a really fun night!

Stop again soon! Best wishes!


  1. Looks like y'all had a great time bowling! My family and I LOVE to go bowling!!

    1. Bowling is lots of fun and great exercise! I wish we could go more often.

  2. I love going bowling with my family too! We haven't been for ages though, because it costs lots as we have so many people in our family. My Dad is REALLY good at it!

    1. I can completely understand that. the place we went had a really good deal where if you rented shoes and bowled 3 games the per person cost was $11 - the night ended up being around $44 for two of my friends' families.