Thursday, December 26, 2013

How We Spent Christmas Day

Hi! Merry Christmas! We hope you had a great day yesterday. We did.

Do you stay home with just your main family? Do you have a big dinner with other family at your house or do you travel to your other family's houses?
This is what we did.

Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, Xyra, All

It was a bright sunny morning. 
(The sun and flash made some of these pictures extra bright, sorry.
We had Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for breakfast then headed over to Nana Kestrel's house.
We gathered around her pretty tree and opened presents.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
We love our presents!
(The outfit Haley chose to wear was a bit big on her. We'll look to get a better one next year.)

We got Molly's lunch box, school bag, and bathing suit.
(Blogger is rotating these and I can't seem to stop it from doing so. Sorry, you'll have to tilt your head a bit.)

Then it was off to Great Aunt Bets for Christmas linner.
That's lunch and dinner combined..
Kind of like brunch is breakfast and lunch.
There was a kids' table.

Lots of good food.
Then fun around the tree.

She has a great skater display that is from Germany.

Great Uncle played his mandolin and we sang along. 
He told us more about the belsnickel, krampus.., 
And the history of military bugle signals and Taps.

When we got back to our house we had one more present to open.
A lap desk!
That's the one from Fun with AG Fan.
Very pretty!
Can't wait to use it!

What is your favorite part of celebrating Christmas? 
We love being with family.
And singing songs.
And the real reason for the season, Jesus birth.
The presents are nice too.

Thank you for stopping by! 
Come again soon.

Best wishes!


  1. The dolls look like they had a great day!

    1. They did. It was a nice day. Hope you had a great day too.