Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

Our Tree

You've see how the office trees are decorated, now it's time for the home tree.

Melody, Kaya, Lanie, Haley, Kirsten

I'm done on this side.
I'm done too. Where did the others go?
Kirsten is pulling clothes for tonight; Lanie and Haley went to find the tree topper.

We have to find the angel.
Is she in one of these?
I hope so. Oh, I found the stockings.
Not in this one.
Yay! I found her!

Kirsten, here are the stockings.
Great! I'll hang them.
And here is the angel!
Yay! You put her on top, Lanie.

All Done!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

"God bless us everyone." Tiny Tim, A Christmas Carol