Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What Melody Found

Yesterday, while cleaning up at Nana Kestrel's Melody exclaimed, "Hey! Look what I found!" Let's see what she found.

Melody, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Xyra, all

What did you find?
A cradle filled with animals and dolls.
Cute bears!
Check out this one doll.
I wonder who she is.
She looks well loved.
Hey, Xyra, what do you know?
Ah, this is Toni. Well, Nana Kestrel says she is an Ideal Toni Doll. Each doll came with accessories that would help girls give their doll a "home permanent" hairstyle.
What kind of accessories?
Rollers, papers, and solution.
She's a 14" doll like the Hearts4Hearts girls. I wonder how they would compare. Too bad we can't do a side-by-side like The Toy Box Philosopher does in her reviews.
Oooo, that would be fun.
This one is a brunette, but there were blondes as well. And the solution was simple enough you could make your own when you ran out.
Cool! Did they include the recipe?
I think they did, as part of the instructions. Let's put her back where she belongs. It's time to head home.

Have a great night!


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    1. We're going to feature a few more antique dolls in the future. I hope you like seeing them.

  2. Cool! I love antique dolls! I have a Dream Baby doll from the 1920's. I picked her up at a market for $5 last year, and I'm hoping to do a post soon with some photos!

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    2. [I wish there was an edit button.]
      Great find! I'm looking forward to seeing her.
      We have a few more antique dolls to feature in the future.