Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cool Chairs

Catching Up

We've been so busy reading blogs we've gotten behind in our own. Sorry about that. Xyra has a stack of things to take care of too, so she hasn't had much time for typing.

Nana Kestrel's

The other day we went to Nana Kestral's for dinner. While they were getting things ready we had fun with some really neat chairs. The first few photos were taken without the flash, but we liked how the low light worked. Later, we used the flash because the low light wasn't as nice anymore.

Speaking key: Melody, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, all

Cool Chairs

Let's get these chairs down so we can all sit. Give me a hand, okay.
Sure thing.
Be careful up there.
What a cute Christmas Moose!
Do you think he'll share his chair?
Of course.
That's not a moose - check out his nose.
(all laughing) Rudolph!
Try it out, Kirsten.
Looks comfy. Is it?
It is. A perfect fit. 
Pretty too. 
Help me with this other one, please!
Sure. Sure.
Your turn, Lanie.
I like it.
Now, this one is a moose.
It's an Adirondack chair!
Lanie, let's sit at the table.
Kaya you can have the branch chair.
Love, love, love it! Not sharing.
These are great.
I could sit her for.ev.er.
No you couldn't...you'd miss Coco and the others.
Hey, there are cutie kitties here too.
What should we do next?
I just want to sit and relax for a while.
Sounds like a good plan.
Maybe we should put things away.
Okay, everyone lend a hand.
Adirondack first, then branch.
Moose and Rudolph back in their seats.
Table chairs pushed in.
Hey! Look what I found!

Tune in tomorrow to find out what we found at Nana Kestral's.

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  1. Those are cute chairs! My favorite is Rudolph's chair. I can't wait to see what your dolls found!

    1. I'm partial to the Adirondack myself, but love Rudolph's chair too.
      :-D I think you'll like tomorrow's post.