Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tea and Steampunk


We've talked about some of our favorite teas in the past and many may think "black tea is black tea." Today was a perfect example of how that is soooooo not true.

Our first cup of the day was a rather weak cup of Russian Breakfast. I say weak, because it was the fourth brew on that particular set of leaves. But there was still a very nice flavor. It's hard to describe in any other word but smooth.

We were still drinking our first cup when we brewed up a second. This time using the Benner Orange Pekoe blend bags (similar to Lipton). Wow! Was it different. Not bitter, but not nearly as smooth as the Russian Breakfast. I think the best way to explain the difference  - like finding Platform 9 & 3/4 shut - or (for non-Potterfans) walking through a curtain only to run smack into the wall.

The only way to temper this was to search for a lovely Earl Grey for our third cup. Thankfully we found a Trader Joe'e Earl Grey packet. The soft, strong, and well rounded. So comforting.


What's that you say? Steampunk is, well, it is a genre that has spawned a really neat subculture. Is it new? Nope! But the popularity of it is.

Steampunk is a combination of Victorian and mechanical elements. Steampunk and science fiction have similar roots in the works of Jules Verne (as well as some Sherlock Holmes) and the industrial revolution, but never goes digital. It stays with clockwork mechanisms - like the engines we see at Coolspring Power Museum- with a bit of cold fusion and alchemy thrown into the mix.

Anyway, it is really quite interesting and if you'd like to get your feet wet in the genre Cassandra Clare has a great trilogy of books called the Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince, and Clockwork Princess. They are in the Young Adult section. And there is a steampunk version of Voltaire's Candide by Neil Peart available called Clockwork Angels. It's a good story.

We follow the blog The Adventures of Steampunk Addy. She is really great! Today she noted that Carpetina is jumping on the bandwagon with a couple of new outfits (they are the New-For December ones). So we checked out too.

We really think Carpetina should make their Victorian Bustle Dress in brown and black with the accessories. It would be the perfect outfit.

Xyra is working on her own steampunk outfit for an event this Saturday. Yesterday the base arrived and it looks much better now that it is ironed. But it needs attention. She is going to make a few accessories and search her own jewelry box for others. What a fun adventure?!

What kinds of worlds do you like to pretend you're in? If you could visit any time period when would it be and where would you venture? 

We have a surprise for Xyra. We'll share it as a photo story tomorrow. :)

Best wishes for a great day and night!


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    1. It really is. :)
      We've liked steampunk for quite some time, but the new popularity is interesting. Our favorite episode of Castle is the steampunk one.
      Thank you for stopping.