Monday, November 4, 2013

Autumn Chores


Yesterday was a true fall day. Sunny, cool, breezy. Almost too cool, but it is November. So after church, while Kirsten and Lanie did homework Melody and I helped Xyra outside.

First we collected and put away the Halloween decorations.
Give me a hand with this ghost.
Sure thing.
Now this one.
This pile is too big for us. Xyra!
No worries. I have them.

Then we raked the leaves out of the garden.
Leaf pile!
Woo hoo!

And put away the garden ornaments.
Isn’t this little hedgehog cute?

Then we put the potted plants in the garage for the winter.
Let’s get the parsley first.
This is kind of heavy.
That’s why we’re doing it together.

Now for the geranium.
I hope it lasts through another winter.
Yeah, it did great last year.

Awesome Cafe and Great Tea

Also yesterday Xyra visited a great place in town called Java Good Day Café. She had a really good cup of Earl Grey tea. The brand was Impra and it was loose leaf. Since good brands can be brewed more than once she brought her tea bag home we made some this morning. (I can't wait to go and see the cafe too.)

I found the bag. The cup is washed and ready to go.

Looks like we forgot that these can drip. Oh well.
Nice color.

Great flavor.

Have a great day!


  1. Those are such cute photos! I like what Melody is wearing and I like the one where they are trying to lift the big pot of parsley.

    1. Thank you.
      Melody is wearing Kirsten's School Outfit kerchief/scarf, the Cargo Outfit flannel shirt, jeans from craft show purchase, and black boots from the Mod Outfit.
      That is a fun one. They really could have used Kirsten and Lanie's help with the parsley. the geranium was much lighter. :-)
      Thank you for stopping by.