Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Model Lanie

Uh oh! Xyra chose an I Love Lemon tea bag this morning...hope whatever she is feeling goes away quickly.

Springfield Collection Outfit

Lanie is modelling our new Springfield Collection outfit.

The top is a white, three-quarter sleeve tee shirt. it has a Velcro closure up the back.
The jeans are dark wash denim with a Velcro "fly." The best part is that there is also elastic in the back so the jeans will fit fuller body styles (like mine)  as well as slimmer shapes (like Lanie's).
The shoes are leopard print flats.
They are fuzzy - faux fur, but not fleecy more along the lines of suede or deerskin if the fur is not removed before curing. Very cute, but I think they may stretch out a bit with a lot of play.
The necklace is by Lady Vanyer. It was a gift to Xyra.

I found some ribbon in our craft box and thought it would be perfect to use as a headband.

This is a great combination and can be found almost anywhere Springfield Collection items are sold; AC Moore, Michaels, etc.

Hope you have a great day!
See you tomorrow!



  1. She looks beautiful! That outfit fits her really well, and the ribbon looks pretty with it.

  2. Love the outfit. It's simple but cute plus it's the accessories that make an outfit. Love the shoes, the necklace and the ribbon is nice touch.