Friday, November 29, 2013

Pumpkin Pie with Kirsten

Kirsten and Xyra

Baking a Pumpkin Pie

Let's get cracking if the pie is to be ready for Nana Kestrel's.
Oh, let me help.
Sure thing, Kirsten. Good thing you are still in your baking outfit.
I've got everything in order.
This isn't too hard. Follow the instructions on the back of the can.
I've whisked up the sugar and spices.
Very good.
Now we beat the eggs.
I've whisked them up too.
Nice. I'm glad they don't have to be stiff. I have a lot of respect for our fore-mothers who created exquisite food and confections without power mixers.
So true!
Filling poured over the crust in the pie plate. Ready to go into the oven.
I'll wait here during the first 15 minutes.
Are you sure?


Looks fabulous!
We have to let it cool.
Will be perfect for dinner.



  1. Yum!! That looks delicious!! My grandparents brought pies yesterday and this morning I ate apple pie for breakfast! (It's "Healthy")