Thursday, August 8, 2013


Who Doesn't Love Receiving Packages?!

Key: Melody, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Xyra

There are packages on the front porch. Is this one ours?
Um, nope.

(laughing) That one is for me.
What about this one? Oh, the back says Green Bay, WI!
This one is ours!
Gotta love the AG deep discount sales!
Coco! Your Pet Rain Gear is here.

Review #1: Pet Rain Gear

Hmmm, well, I'm glad we got this on sale. It's really cute, but doesn't work as I thought it would. 

The little the colors.

The upper strap is elastic and is tricky to get over Coco's head. The second strap has a Velcro closure. However, the coat is too long. It drags on the floor by her back feet and you have to turn the top back to get to her collar.
The umbrella is two pieces. There is a lobster claw clasp to attach the dome to Coco's collar. 
Then you add the blue handle. You have to have the handle in the doll's hand or it sits on top of Coco or on the floor. It took a few tries to get the handle to stay in Lanie's hand. Even then the umbrella was not directly over Coco's head (as pictured in the catalog).

 We still really like this, but are very happy to have purchased it at a deep discount.

Review #2: Two Doll Tote

I love the black and red colors. Very striking. Must have been an AG store exclusive as I don't think I've ever seen the black and red colors in the catalog.
The bottom zips open to reveal a compartment for carrying outfits and accessories. And there is a smaller zippered pocket inside the main carrying compartment for your small items.
However, I'm not quite sure how two dolls ride comfortably in this tote. Lanie shows off how nice it is to sit there, but to get a second doll in the next one would be sitting on top of her.

If you have one of these and have tips on using it, I'd greatly appreciate your comments.

Review #3: New Outfit!

One of the best things about the clearance sales is the inclusion of store exclusives and, in this case, AG Fashion Show exclusives. This is the Fashion Show Tee and Pants outfit.

The tee shirt is white with three pink and orange firework bursts decorating the chest. The bottom flares out a bit and closes in the back with Velcro.

The left shoulder sports an American Girl Fashion Show patch (the pants have a similar tag on the back).

The pink pants are cropped, cuffed capris. A white star embellishment on the one leg below a cargo pocket.

This was a great bargain! Well, constructed. Great color. We give this one 5 stars. 
[Yes, we will have a Who Wears It Best post tomorrow. ;-)]

Also included in the box

Besides the invoice, we have an ad for Saige's movie, a Summer checklist, 

a mini American Girl Magazine (looks familiar, we may already have this one), 

and a copy of the fall catalog! Of course, we poured over this after checking out everything else.

I openly admit that my wishlist from when the new releases were first announced to now has changed. What happened? Reading the blog posts about trips to AG and how the products look in person and seeing how they appear in the catalog. That's a good thing though.

Have a great day!
Best wishes,

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  1. All of your purchases look great!! The two doll tote will fit two dolls if you intersect their legs, kind of like some people's fingers when they fold their hands to pray. Have fun with your new stuff!!!!

  2. Cool, I like the fashion show tee and pants outfit and all the items you bought. I am going to AGPC next week and I cannot decide what to get!

    1. Have a great time. :)
      I'm certain you'll make good decisions once you are there.

  3. Interesting. I'm not sure why that last picture shows up so super huge. I'm sorry if it bugs anyone.