Friday, August 2, 2013

Fun, Fabulous Friday!

Not my typical post today as Xyra was up early for a visit to the Preston & Steve show at 93.3 WMMR in Philadelphia.

"Why would she do that?" you ask.

The in studio guests today.

Who was in studio?

Have you heard of the book City of Bones by Cassandra Clare? If you are 10 or younger, probably not. You may have seen the book cover in the bookstore. City of Bones is the first of a 6 book series called The Mortal Instruments. The series falls under the category of young adult paranormal action fantasy romance. So if mom or dad says you're too young for this series...that's okay. It will be around for a long time and soon you can read it.

Anyway, back to who was in studio. Cassandra Clare was one of the guests. She was wonderful, friendly, down to earth, and hysterical. The interview uncovered the fact that her early writing career included a job writing for The Weekly World News (one of the information sources in MIB). An article included Chocoholic Mom Gives Birth to Sugar Coated Baby among other ridiculous stories.

The title gave everyone in the studio a good laugh and had another guest remark that he was still trying to wrap his mind around the title in reference to the woman who brought his character to life. The "he" is Jamie Campbell Bower. Jamie was cast to play the main character in the movie, Jace. You might also know him as Grindewald, if you're a Harry Potter fan. Or as Caius, if you know the Twilight movies.

He's really great in person. Quite funny too. He mentioned training with krav maga to find his balance as he is "long. I'm gangly it helped me focus and find my center instead of flailing about like...a windmill."

The third guest was Lily Collins. She is cast as the movie's female lead, Clary. Also a wonderful person. Xyra fell in love with her boots, but when downloading the pictures noticed the red soles. You may know Lily as Snow White from Mirror, Mirror.

Lily mentioned being a fan of the book first before casting even started and that when they filmed the scene when Clary first enters the institute it was just as she had envisioned it while reading. 

Xyra had a great morning and couldn't wait to share it with us even though we are essentially still at camp.

Here is a picture of the show cast and their guests. (The center 3 are the guests.)