Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to Tea Time Part 2

Two Leaves Earl Grey

This morning Xyra grabbed the Two Leaves Earl Grey tea bag for her morning tea. She over steeped it, which is relatively normal in our house when it comes to getting ready to run out the door. It tasted good. It was smooth. However, she forgot it was the Two Leaves Earl Grey until she got home and saw the torn plastic pouch where she left it on the stove. That means it’s just not a strong Earl Grey.

Loose Leaf

Yesterday we showed off the many forms of tea including a glass filled with a loose leaf blend from the Octavia Tea Company. This is their Chocolate Mint Rooibos.
The ingredients include rooibos (“red tea” see a previous post for more information), dried apple, vanilla chips, chocolate, organic peppermint, and natural vanilla flavor.
We did try this. It brews nicely and has a nice aroma. The flavor was relatively nice. It was better than the previous chocolate tea we reviewed. There isn’t any artificial sweetener added. However, it was more vanilla than chocolate. Sadly, while we do like most tea flavors, vanilla is one we don’t like that much. It does merit a second try.

Serving Tea

When enjoying your favorite brew, you really should have a nice tea set. These are what we have on hand.

First, the My Life pink set we used in January.
It comes with a tea pot, sugar bowl, creamer, 2 cups, saucers, spoons, plates, and napkins.
It all fits in this tea box.

Yard Sale Tea Set(s)

These next few we found at a local yard sale. All are porcelain or ceramic.

This one has dark blue and pink flowers. It has 3 plates (one was left inside by accident), 2 saucers, and 1 cup.

Very pretty. They are market Stromeeker Corp on the bottom.

This set has pink flowers.

It came with 6 plates, 2 cups, a sugar bowl with lid, and teapot (without lid).
It’s really pretty and marked Battat on the bottom. Since there are two designs we think it’s two different sets in the same design. Battat is the company that designs for Target and the Our Generation line.

This little set is really cute. The pieces were thrown in with the other two sets and included 2 plates, one cup with a broken handle, and a teapot (without lid). There are no markings on the bottom.
They are really cute. The pot can actually double for a creamer for the bigger set.

Do you have a tea set? If yes, tell us what kind or send us a picture. melodyq2000@gmail.com

Have a great day!


  1. Those are cute. I want a tea set for my dolls, but I don't have one. My mom was going to buy one for me at a yard sale but the lady dropped it and broke it when she was bagging it up.

    1. Yikes. Yes, that can happen. The set with the blue flowers did have a creamer in the bag, but it was broken. I had plan to fix it, but a piece went missing - I think one of the cats decided to play with it. :)