Thursday, August 29, 2013

Green Tea & Scones

Emergency Baking!

What is emergency baking?

That is when you don't have time to make something from scratch and don't have enough cash handy to go buy something. Usually it also means you have a mix in the cupboard begging to be baked. Check out how our morning started.

I'm hungry. Who wants scones?
*sleepy murmurs and yawns*
I'll help.
Thank you, Kaya. Grab an apron and wash your hands.
What are we making again?
Which recipe?
Ummm, we're going to use this mix.
Tastefully Simple...berry good...sounds good. How 'bout we check out the variations.
Hmmm, no vanilla yogurt. We can use plain. Dried cranberries...yes, yes. Chopped nuts; no. Why don't we try adding some old fashioned oats.
Everything is ready.
Okay. Mix is in the bowl. Add the yogurt.
Now the other additions.
Mix it up.
Wow! This batter gets stiff. It's almost like AP Cake.
Yeah. I'm tempted to dig in, but folding is the best here.
There we go. All mixed together. Now make a circle 1 inch think on the stone.
Looks good. 
 I'll sprinkle the sugar on top so they sparkle.
Now we'll pop it in the oven for 15 minutes. Kaya, pick a tea for today.
How about Numi Gunpowder Green?
Oh, that's nice! Haven't had that in a long time. I've put the water on.

Is that the timer?
Scones are done!

They look and smell yummy.
We need to let them cool. Why don't you prep the tea cup.
Ready when you are!
Water in and...
 Ready to steep.
Time to cut the scones.
 Wow! They look nice.

Ready for breakfast. 
I hope we don't eat them all before the others get up.

Thank you for your help today.
You're welcome. It was fun.

[Note: The Tastefully Simple Berry Good Scone mix has been retired from the product line. There are other great quick mixes at your local grocery store. However, if you have time to make your own, check out these scone recipes from TeaTime Magazine. In the near future we will introduce you to "desperation scones."]

Have a great day!

PS. The other day we mentioned Octavia Tea Company and forgot to give the website. Sorry about that.

PPS. We've been told about a correction to a January post. The one in which we talk about Sister Stereo's Mimi (also a green tea post). The Fleisher Art Memorial is not in Scottsdale, AZ, but is right here in Philadelphia, PA.

PPPS. We haven't forgotten about the other festival recipes. We want to show them to you as well as provide the recipe. They will turn up when you least expect it.