Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Kimono

It's About Time

Maybe you have wondered about my profile picture...What is she wearing? Why is she wearing it?

Among Xyra's many likes is an interest in Japanese culture. It is one of the countries she'd like to visit and was thrilled when the winter Olympics were there.

Well, Lady Vanyer works at ArtFusion19464 on High Street in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. One day Xyra stopped by ArtFusion19464  to visit and noticed a section of one wall filled with outstanding national outfits. Each was on its own lovely hanger and protected by a clear garment bag. They were for 18" dolls!

The outfits were created by Virginia Gaudiello. Virginia is a member artist at ArtFusion. She does wonderful work. The outfits are well constructed with sturdy fabrics and fabulous attention to detail.

Xyra had a tough choice to make. At the time, the outfits represented various nationalities and at least 12 hung on the wall. Russia, Scotland, Ireland, France, Sweden, Japan, etc. All beautiful and affordable; ranging from $10 - $40.

In the end, she thought Kirsten had enough clothes (for the time being) and we needed something from another country. Obviously, she chose the Japanese kimono.
The kimono outfit includes two pieces: the "robe" and  the obi. While the obi is pre-tied and attaches with a snap closure, it makes it much easier for quick changes.
I love the vibrant colors and the great pattern. Reminds me of spring and summer.
We opted to get the hanger, but not the garment bag. Both are additional options.
It looks fabulous on Kaya too.

I was going to include information on the Japanese Tea Ceremony, however there is too much awesome information for me to report, so it's best to get it straight from an official source. Click Japanese Tea Ceremony (here or above) to get all the great details on this great tradition. I can tell you that the primary tea used in the ceremony is Matcha and that sweets are typically served with it.

There is an interesting depiction of the tea ceremony in the movie Karate Kid, Part II starring Ralph Macchio.

Going back to ArtFusion19464...We purchased the outfit a year or so ago; however, Virginia is still associated with ArtFusion19464 and there are several outfits available. Plus she is willing to do commissions/requests. In fact, Xyra asked her to do Kirsten's St. Lucia outfit. It's great! And cost less than eBay. No tray (Xyra didn't ask for one), but she did include the wreath and socks (more about that in December).

If you are in the area around Pottstown, PA stop in to look around. They have lots of really neat things for sale. Or sign up for a class. They have classes for adults and kids all year long. It's a great gallery and art school.

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  1. Beautiful. My Dad visits Japan sometimes for work and he got one similar to that one for me. :)

    1. Nice! Thank you for stopping by and sharing. :-D

  2. Thanks for the information on Melody's kimono. How exciting to have such a store so close to you.

  3. That is so cool and I love her kimono.