Monday, August 26, 2013

Meeting New Friends

Saturday was a Wonderful Day!

Xyra planned an outing with her friends, Ladies Maree and Ami, and I tagged along to meet some new friends of my own.

The weather was great! I wore the Play Outfit, but couldn't decide on which shoes. My blue MaryJanes or Lanie’s lime green gladiator sandals….
We headed out. It was a short trip, but I should have had my sunglasses. Oh, well. Note for next trip.

We headed up the steps to the door and were greeted in the garden!
Hi! I’m Melody.

I’m Felicity.
[She's Pleasant Company.]
I’m Thomasina.
[She's My Twin]
Molly, here.
[Also Pleasant Company]
Nice to meet you.
I joined them on the bench and we talked about books and movies and camp. Felicity was the odd one out when we started talking about glasses.

That is a neat birdhouse.

Thomasina went inside to find a book she thought I’d like. Molly and Felicity led me through the salvia. They have three really pretty colors blooming.

It was time for Ami, Maree, and Xyra to head out, so we headed inside to hang out in the living room. Molly led the way…
she calmed the guard kitty so we could pass. Oh, and here you can see I chose to go with the sandals. They were perfect! [Xyra aside: The maryjanes left a blue mark on the back of Melody's heels when removed. The marks were easily removed with baking soda and water.]

It was just like home. I can’t wait for my sisters to meet these girls. We had a lot of fun!

Have a great day!



  1. Those flowers look really pretty!!!

    1. They were even prettier in person. :) Thank you for stopping by.