Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Kirsten Heads North Part 9

Finale! Heading South

Happy October! Today is my last installment of our August vacation...yep, AUGUST! Yikes! this one will be mostly photos. 

Here's the Nitty Gritty

So after getting off the ferry we traveled through New Brunswick to the border. It's so pretty.
After crossing we stopped to exchange our Canadian money back to US and headed to Wiscasset. However, we were on a mission to find the train station in Albion too. 
We found the station on Benton Road. if you google Benton Road Albion, ME and switch to satellite view then zoom zoom zoom in you can locate it. Look for three buildings in a clearing near the road with railroad tracks. It's a very pretty location. 

While exploring, Xyra almost stepped on a snake, but she saw it before putting her foot down and it quickly slithered away into the tall grass.

Wiscasset bound again we checked into the lodge and headed to Sarah's for dinner. Lobster mac and cheese with green beans. Yum. 

We watched the full moon rise and walked over to Red's for ice cream. We made it in time this night.

Heading to PA

The next morning we were up super early to get on the road. 

We didn't completely miss breakfast though. The management team allowed us to make up a to go bag with pastries and fruit and tea and coffee. They are so kind and helpful!

The last photos of our trip...crossing the Kennebec River in Bath.

We had such a wonderful time!

Have you ever been to Maine? What are you favorite places to visit? Do you have a spot you go back to many times?

Thank you for stopping! Hope you have a great Tuesday and October 1!


  1. We went to a wedding in Maine on the coast and got to check out the beach in September. Nice but cold!

    1. Yes, September can be quite chilly. I bet the wedding was beautiful!

  2. Dear Kirsten, I enjoyed hearing about your trip. The only time I was in Canada was when I was in college and that was a long time ago.

    My favorite of your photos is of the daisies on the railroad tracks.

    I look forward to hearing about your next adventure.

    Regards, Ms. Dorothy

    1. Daisies are so pretty! I'm taking a break for a bit. :-D I have to let the others have a chance to post!