Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Build: October 2019

Happy Halloween Y'All

Hi! Grace here! Your friendly October build tour guide. We've had this one planned for a bit and added to it after a trip to the re-Opening of the King of Prussia LEGO store. Where we found mini build cards for a ghost and a bat AND some fun new bricks on the pick a brick wall.

On this end we have a bit of the retired Trick or Treat set (40122) with a few tweaks and a new resident.
On the other end we have the calendar. We added dividers this time, and topped it with the arch.
For the mini figure theme we picked out the ones we thought looked like they were in costume.
The bat...well, we didn't build the one on the card because while we were looking for the black and purple bricks we found the retired Vampire and Bat set (40203) and he was already built. 
The ghost we had to tweak the pattern slightly...master builders we are! (giggles) I think it ended up cute. Like a puppy ghost.
What do you think? Can you find the pineapple? Did you see the "frost" on the pumpkins and mums?

Look Who Pops By

Well, what do we have here? Looks like my kind of place!

Have you planned your costume for Halloween yet? I think we have. 😮😳

À bientôt!

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl or LEGO. All items featured in the post are from our personal collection. Set numbers provided so if you are a collector you might be able to search second hand market. No purchase is suggested or required to enjoy the post.


  1. I LOVE the visitor, she fits right in! I'm glad you were able to use her. I have to tell you, when I saw the announcement on this post on FB, I was just quickly scrolling through and the pic you used, at first glance--I thought it was a picture of someone's daughter! Great shot! And cool build. This is giving me ideas for when I finally start to assemble Central Perk.

    1. Haha! Yes, Draculaura has had a few posts. She's wonderful. I saw her peeking out from her space when I was packing up the new calendar and had to grab her.

      Glad to share ideas! Looking forward to seeing Central Perk put together. I got my holiday catalog and marked it for my wish list. :-D