Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Meatloaf's Rail Adventures #11

Fun Upstate

This was a fun weekend for Meatloaf and someone else tagged a long too. This time we can't share many links and few details. However, we won't just photo dump. 

You know Meatloaf loves to ride the rails. He's ready to put on his safety vest and jump in the motorcar. Well, he gets help; it's a big jump for a bulldog. (giggles)

This trip was beautiful. One of the main stops was the Marticso Station Museum.

Look who tagged along this time. Mini Lea was enjoying "The Alps."
It was warm enough to have the motorcar vents open. That was really nice because it made it easier for Meatloaf to see where they were going.

The next stop was Cayuga lake.

The next day the group set on at a different location and headed south.

Meatloaf enjoyed every minute.
So did mini Lea.

Thank you for putting up with our erratic schedule. I'm certain we will have more to share tomorrow. Please check back when you can.

Do you have a favorite photo from the rail adventure?

Best wishes,

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