Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Lea Rides the Rails

Bucksgahuda and Western Railroad

Shawmut Day 2019

Shawmut Day is the last public running day of the season for the Bucksgahuda and Western Railroad. After today they start the process of getting everything ready to be winterized. In the meantime, we had a BEAUTIFUL day to be here. It started out as sweatshirt weather, but turned into tee shirt weather.

Before everyone arrived the different trains were set up. Franz helped out using his little orange locomotive. It looked tiny next to Otto, so I started calling it Tiny.

I didn't get a nifty video like Grace did, but I still had a fun time riding the open car behind the Shay aka #6. We took the route down the hill, passed the wye out to the small turn table and back. The wooded setting is quite lush and relaxing.

When we got back I went into the station to visit the goose. Yes, he's wearing pants. 

Well, that's all the train stuff from me for now. Hope you enjoyed the tour. 

Tchau, for now!

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