Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Coolspring October 2019 Part 1

Bad Weather Brings Bad Moods

Hi, Lanie here! I was the lucky one to go out to the Coolspring Power Museum Fall Expo. Wednesday we left early and hit rain about half way there AND because the air was so damp I still had my curlers in when we arrived. Ugh! It rained again on Thursday, so I didn't get to go anywhere AND I didn't get to put up our new tent! It's a good thing I had Tris and Holly to keep me company in the truck while the rain came down.

Let the Sun Shine

Friday was glorious! A bit chilly, but I could get out of the truck and Flo was on her way with one of the Say Hello to My Little Friends gang! They are such a fun group! I couldn't wait to see who it would be.

After lunch, Xyra and I headed up to Main Street to meet Flo. The antiques store had a fun fall display on the porch. Guess who arrived with Flo?!
Ryan! We said our hellos and watched the Half-Breed engines run for a bit. Half-Breeds are engines that can run on fuel or steam.

We walked out to the edge of the little hill. "What's that?" Ryan asked. I explained about the Lee Pedersen pavillion and Jake's mayoral tent. (giggles)
Then I pointed out the different sections: flea market, exhibitors' field, the hill, and other points of interest.
"What do you want to do next, Ryan?"
"I hear the ice cream is really good!"
"Let's go!"
The ice cream was wonderful that day! I had blueberry. Ryan had mint chocolate chip.
After ice cream we found our way to the Nate Lillibridge Station and the Miller.

Then we checked out Windy City. some people think it's the noisy one. (giggles)

I love the gas lights.
Here comes the sun! Yay!
Then we made the trek to Sudlow Station.

Inside we looked at the Parmaco. Franz was so busy this show he didn't get to run it. 😞
Xyra spied on us from the outside. A very interesting photo with all the reflections.
Of course, we had to play with color a bit. Or, I guess, black and white. I think this is the 1839 filter.

"Hey, Ryan! I'm up here!" (giggles)
"What are you doing up there?" (laughs)
From there we walked up the hill to the FEH building. It's a popular spot for the engines and the heater and the snacks!
"Will you go trick or treating? Or do you believe in the Great Pumpkin?" (giggles)
"So much to choose? What's your favorite?"
"Twix. But it has to be left Twix." (laughing)
Over to the 600 HP Snow. It's ENORMOUS!

It was getting tie for Ryan and Flo to head home. So we walked to the upper parking lot by way of Pat's Place.

Then  Paul's Pavilion.
Most of the engines have write ups like this one for the Fairchild and Betts engine.
"Sorry to see you go! It was a pleasure meeting you. I had a fun day and hope you did too. Safe travels."

Which photo is your favorite? what do you think you would like to see first if you came to meet us at Coolspring?

Side note: Coolspring is 2 hours from Pittsburgh, 2 1/2 from Erie, and 3-4 hours from points in Ohio and eastern PA.

Thank you for stopping! Best wishes,