Monday, October 28, 2019

Beautiful New Tent

If You Love Tent Camping

Hi! Lea here! Ready to test out our new tent. It's brilliant!
This is almost exactly like Xyra and Franz's big tent. It has shock cord poles and a rainfly, but no vestibule. I was able to put it up, but it took patience. 

The tent floor is a heavy duty tarp and the upper and fly are polyester. We always put the rainfly over because you never know when it will rain and it's better to be prepared. Shall we take a look inside?
(giggles) My gear is already in place. But you can see there are two doors. Both have zipper closures and windows that can be zipped open or closed depending on weather.
On the side walls are two more windows with zipper closures. Under the side wall windows are mesh pockets to stash gear. You can't see them in these photos, but they are there.
Nap time! Happy Camping!

Xyra's Notes

  • It's terrific! Sadly, this item is already sold out. 
  • If you are a tent camper then you are probably as frustrated as I have been with 18" vinyl person camping structures. Doors that only tie closed let in weather and bugs. Some are cloth not nylon, etc. 
  • This Tiny Tent is from REI. It is made with real tent materials and real zippers. I LOVE it. I hope they get more in stock because it was super affordable too. 
  • One drawback. The dimensions are 18x18x12. That means only one 18" vinyl person fits and that person needs to arrange sleeping diagonally; however, the quality construction overrides the size limits and it is still quite nice. I believe two 14" vinyl people would fit nicely. Quite a few 12" vinyl people. It's a bit large for minis or 6".
  • If you leave the tent up for any length of time the poles will remain curved. they may straighten over time in storage, but have not checked ours lately.
  • Oh, and our kitties enjoyed checking it out as well. Especially Bronwyn. Be sure to zip your doors to keep wildlife out. 😃😄

Do you go tent camping? what is your favorite camping activity?

Tchau! And Happy Camping!

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  1. Love the pic with Bronwyn inside! I checked out the Tiny Tents website last week and they had them for sale there, but I haven't checked since. Thank you so much for ours, it's going to look so cute with the pop up camper!

    1. You're welcome! I hadn't even thought about popping it up next to the camper. That would make a great post activity; all sorts of camping going on.