Friday, October 4, 2019

Mini Adventure #24: Mini STEAM

Home and Away Again

Hi, Grace here! Kirsten returned from Maine and Nova Scotia, but that doesn't mean the vacation was over. Nope. It was time to head out to Kinzer's PA and the Rough and Tumble Engineers Historic Association for the 71st Annual Threshermen's Reunion. This is a BIG event out in the Lancaster area. Tractors, steam tractors, tractor pulls, train rides, engines, flea market, food vendors, demonstrations, and so much more! Luci and Olivia, our resident STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) enthusiasts went to check it out. Olivia was there last year and found out she missed a few places that would be more to her size. Check it out!

Rough and Tumble

Luci, Olivia, both

I'm so glad you thought to ask me to come along this year, Olivia.
When I heard someone mention the smaller engines last year, I knew I wanted to come back!
These engines were brought by the National Museum of Industrial History.

I thought that was Coolspring. 
No, this one is at the site of the Bethlehem Steel plant and is more museum-y if you know what I mean.
(giggles) I think I do.

Now these are interesting.

I agree.

Check it out! this one matches my shorts!

This one is made completely of wood!
Hmmm, the card says it's a UGears and available on Amazon.
It doesn't require glue and it runs well.

I like the floor design on this display. Very museum-y. (giggles)
Oh! (giggles) The engine is impressive too.

Soon twilight came and as the sun set...
We got ready for sparks fly!

So cool!

Isn't it great to find engines in all sizes?  If you're interested, you can start with the smaller models like these. All of the models were in working order and running! Just depends on what scale you like.

Do you have a favorite photo from this adventure? Please leave a comment we love hearing from you.

À bientôt!


  1. Xyra, wow, that looks like fun! And you were in Lancaster, so close.

    You must think about coming to the Doll Museum in Harrisburg, maybe next Summer. It's open between May and December. My doll club (which meets in Hershey) goes a few times a year.

    1. Yes, the Doll Museum in Harrisburg is on our "to visit" list! Nonna and I are hoping to make it a road trip.

    2. Great! Let me know when and I will meet you there!