Friday, July 27, 2018

Product Review: AG Swim Accessories

More Fun in the Sun?

Yes and Sort Of

Four swim related items caught my eye during the AG July sale; I purchased two. Hopefully you have already seen Lea in Nanea's Island Swimsuit. Today Lanie is helping out with the AG Swim Accessories.
You know I'm the one in dark pink! (giggles)

The Details

This set does not come boxed. The pieces are mounted on a board and slipped into a plastic envelope. Very easy to display near a check out line.
At first I was concerned fearing the same kind of mounting Our Generation does with their products. However, if you look closely you'll notice not one item is sewn to the cardboard backing. All are skillfully attached with plastic bands and cut outs. 
The set contains a mini magazine, sunscreen, water bottle, and beach bag/blanket.
Here is a look at everything detached. Only two clear plastic bands help keep the bottles in place. Don't throw them out!
Hi! I'm ready to chill outside or at Lady Magnolia's. This new gear will come in handy.
I'll take the magazine for reading. Must have sunscreen and water. I'll just tuck them into the cinch sac. Wow! It's super soft and fuzzy.
Oh! Ow! (grunts) Not...good. Argh!
The cinch sac is really nice, but the straps are not quite long enough to put on normally. I was able to help Lanie because the way it did work was to have both arms behind her at the same time. Then it sat way up high on her back between her shoulder blades and at the base of her neck.

Yeah, not comfortable at all. Even with it being super soft and fuzzy. Over one shoulder is okay though. Ready to go.
Neat! the blanket is attached to the cinch sac and unfolds to a really good size. It's definitely a blanket not a beach towel. Same soft fuzzy material as the bag.
Nice and long!
I like the pattern and the embroidery. [No vanity tag required 😉.]
Would work as a throw or stadium blanket.
The water bottle is a good size. I'll stay hydrated!
Hey! Check out the great Oceans of Fun pictures!
I think I'm just going to cuddle up here and read the magazine. You know, I'm glad the sunscreen is SPF 30, but I don't think I need it if we aren't going anywhere.
Maybe a nap instead. Hey, the cinch sac can be bunched up to be a small pillow. Cool.
You know, this is quite a nice blanket. Even though it would make a lousy beach towel.

The Low Down

  • The bag/blanket - The AG website description of this set calls it "A star-print beach towel that folds up into its attached bag" so I was expecting terry cloth bag and towel. The packaging says "1 beach bag/blanket." It is definitely a fleece blanket and not a terry towel. However, it is really soft and nicely made. 
  • Magazine - If you have been collecting AG for a while or reading the magazine for a few years, you are familiar with the mini mags. This mini magazine is great! 14 pages of content plus front and back cover - the back cover is the ego tag. The paper is heavy, slightly glossy or slick, and the binding is sewn!
  • Sunscreen - The shape and design is nice. reminds of when Bath and Body Works carried an American Girl line of products. It is hard plastic and does not open.
  • Water bottle - Here's where you need those clear bands. I used one so it would stay in her hand. I like how the straw goes all the way to the bottom very realistic. The lid does not come off, so no losing parts.
  • Overall, the Swim Accessories set was a good purchase. Not sure I'd go for it at full price, but the sale price is nice. I'm going to give this one 4 stars. 🌟🌟🌟🌟 It lost a star due to the bag not fitting on her back properly. I was thinking of marking it down to 3, but didn't think it fair to also critique the editing error. Plus I love how it coordinates so well with Lanie's suit and the cover up from the Seaside Wardrobe that retired 11 years ago.

That's all for today! Have fun! Stay cool, warm, or dry as your location dictates! Be safe!

Best wishes,

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  1. This set looks so cute! Great job, Xyra!

  2. Weird towel.

    I would not have picked up this set for more than $5 so thanks for showing it!

    1. You never know you may get the chance. :-D