Monday, July 16, 2018

Model Monday: Kirsten #4

Cool as a Cucumber

Hi! Guess what!? It's your extreme temperature model here today. (giggles) My last Model Monday shoot was in single digits; today it's heading to triple digits. Luckily we were able to get these photos in the morning while it was only 80; and we did one inside.

The Shoot

Which photo is your favorite?

[Xyra aside: No filters or enhancements were used on these photos. One was cropped.]

Outfit Details

You might wonder why the capris instead of shorts. Well, I debated wearing dark pink shorts (the ones from the Coconut Fun outfit 2), but these are okay when you go in and out of the air conditioned house.

Hat: Ag Jacket and Cap Set (retired)
Sunglasses: OG Sweet Summer outfit (retired)
Denim blouse: AG Play Outfit (retired)
Bikini (bottoms not visible): AG Beach Fun or Seaside Wardrobe (retired)
Capris: AG Fashion Show Tee and Pants (retired)
Flip flops: Explore with Lea kit (not the one currently available on AG).

How are you handling the heat where you are? Or cold if you are visiting from the southern hemisphere. 

Stop again soon. Have a nice day!


  1. This heat is ridiculous!!! It's supposed to be out of here soon. My favorite pics are the fifth and the last.

    1. I think it broke. The heat is under 90 today and the humidity lower.

  2. Super cute! Good luck staying cool!

    1. It's been a challenge, but not nearly as bad as the temps they've had in the midwest and west. We have a reprieve for a couple of days until the humidity returns.