Friday, July 13, 2018

I Love You Tag

Tags are Wonderful!

JustAG nominated us for another really cool tag! It's the I Love You Tag and it's really quite simple.

The Rules

  • Grab and share the tag button on your post.
  • Give a link up and thank the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 5 or more other blogging buddies and explain why YOU love them. No questions to answer or create; just provide one reason why you love each of them and their blog.
  • So who is a blogging buddy? A blogging buddy is a blogger friend with whom you have become close.
  • Don't forget to share a reason you love the person who nominated you.

Thank You
JustAG, Thank you for nominating me; your kind words about Tea Time brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart. I love your photos and sense of humor. Plus you offer great tips - the latest on the silhouette was great!


  • Samantha of A Doll's Life: Samantha has great photo shoots and the "Fabulous or Fail" series is always fun!
  • Meg of Canadian Doll Notebook: Meg shares great DIY crafts and doll care tips and she's always willing to answer questions about projects.
  • Kara at Doll World: Kara has interesting photo shoots; she finds great locations so the setting is as interesting as the outfit and model.
  • JGKelsey of My Journey Girl Doll Adventures: JGKelsey's photos are stunning of adventures and reviews. I love that comparison to AG is provided so you can see how outfits may or may not work.
  • Catlover02 of Small Dolls in a Big World: Catlover02 also has great photo shoots and stories. She's great at responding to comments.
  • Flo of Say Hello to My Little Friends: Flo...we've had several meet ups and have grown our friendship beyond the screen. Very supportive!
  • Finally, Nonna. Another dear and supportive blogger friend. I'm looking forward to our next adventure.

The list could go on and on, but I had to limit myself a bit. If you are here reading this post and maybe have commented in the past, please, know that you are truly appreciated for your support!

Later! Love,


  1. <3333 Awww! Thank YOU! I try to make my posts an enjoyable read. :)

    And oh! I'm just glad I could make you smile. :) :)