Tuesday, July 24, 2018

AG Product Review: Nanea's Swimsuit

Swimming in the Early 1940s

Hi! "The Human" here! After the pool party I knew I wanted to get a few more pools supplies. Low and behold doesn't the last American Girl sale have swim gear included?! One of the items was Nanea's Island Swimsuit at a price I really liked. Lea will be helping me with our review.
I'll be the orange text like usual.

The Details

This set come in a very large box. Looks too big for the items shown on the sticker. 
The contents seems to swim in the box. I think it would fit in one of the smaller rectangle boxes, but haven't tried it.
So what is inside? A yellow and white patterned towel, grass mat rolled and held with clear bands, swimsuit, and goggles. Here is a better look.
I read the reviews before ordering this set and several people thought the yellow towel was "flimsy" and a "throw away item" that "wouldn't be used." Obviously that didn't stop me from ordering and I am really glad I didn't listen to them. It's 12" of thick, nicely edged terry cloth. 
Yes, that is smaller than today's beach towels, but back in the 40s this was the norm. Beach towels didn't get extra large and extra thick until the late 80s.

As you can see the grass mat is much larger. This is what you sit or lay on; the towel is for drying.
AG reviews on this product also found buyers lamenting the curly nature of the mat. Yes, just out of the box and bands it curls on its own.
But I got it to lay flat without weights.
Lea found it quite comfortable and it did not curl with her on it.
The suit is one piece with a sweetheart, halter neckline. The main color is a light green with pink and orange mountains, yellow flowers, green palm trees, and blue huts.
Here is a look at the back. The only fastener is the Velcro at the neck. I like the fabric. Even though it is not rayon, it is similar to what suits would have been in the 1940s.
The goggles are cute. Faux wood and rubber.
The black "rubber" band is not that flexible. Lea could wear the goggles, but they did not sit close to her eyes as they should. 
Of course, you can't tell from this angle and I did not take her ponytail out to push the band down further. That might help the goggles to sit properly on her face.
This is soooo cute! I really want to try it on. May I?
Ta da!
Spin around please. 
These colors are great for me!
Now I'm ready for the beach!
Chilln' on the sand! (giggles)

The Low Down

  • The suit fits really well and goes on easily.
  • The mat feels and sounds like a real grass mat. It is a bit curly, but should flatten out over time or at least while a vinyl person is using it. It is 16" long, a very good size.
  • The towel is...well, I love it! It's thick and soft and rolls into a nice pillow and easily drapes over the shoulder.
  • The goggles are cute. The resin looks like wood. They could look match the pattern from Popular Science magazine or belong to her grandparents from the 18th Century. See the History of and Evolution of articles for more details.
  • Overall, I am very glad I got Nanea's Island Swimsuit set and even more so that I got it on sale! I think $28 is not bad for this set, but $19 is even better! I give it 5 stars!

Do you have any questions about this set? I'd be glad to answer them to the best of my ability.

Lea already has two suits. Who do you think should wear this one?
Hey, a girl can't have too many swimsuits! (giggles)

Side note: Lea's green sandals are from her beach dress outfit. Nanea's set does not come with sandals. She may have just gone barefoot.

Best wishes,

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  1. Very cute set, and very helpful review! It looks gorgeous on Lea!

    1. Thank you. :-D

      Glad you liked it.It is cute isn't it. I like Maryellen's too. Hoping it goes on sale sometime too.

  2. Great review! And yes, beach towels didn't get big until recently, unless you lived at our house. My mom loved terrycloth tablecloths (throwback time!) and when they got too stained from spills, they became giant beach towels, it was awesome!

    1. Hahaha! I think we had a big towel that was once a tablecloth. I know we had a round one that I played with as a skirt because it had a hole in the center for an umbrella or something like that!