Monday, July 9, 2018

Movie Monday

Pixar's Incredibles 2

Summer vacation is awesome! You get to do things during the day you can't during the school year. Plus last week was a holiday week, so Xyra, Lady Vanyer, and Lady Webby had extra time too. They planned to meet at Movie Tavern to see Incredibles 2

I couldn't wait! Planned my outfit for days...then the heat wave set in; the real feel that day was 105. Adjustments were made for protection!
Xyra and I arrived a little early and I spotted this poster in the lobby! POOH BEAR!!!!
Um, Eeyore is my favorite! I had to pose with him.
When we're early we head to the comfy chairs in the "tavern" section, but I spotted these cool sippy cups! BB8! Yay!
I love these chairs!
Of course, we took a look at the menu! Should have checked it out online before, they changed it...AGAIN!
Then we had some iced tea and read for a bit. We saved our lemon for Lady Webby; she likes lots of lemon in her water.
After everyone arrived we headed to our theater.
The seats are comfy. I got to sit between Xyra and Lady Webby.
Lady Vanyer brought me a sprite. outside beverages permitted. (giggles)
We placed our orders and enjoyed every morsel during the movie. My favorites were the popcorn and churros.

Too soon we were watching the end credits. 
Super action! One very important note if you are photosensitive do NOT, I repeat, do NOT see this movie. SPOILER ALERT! The antagonist uses hypnosis and the takeover scenes are brutal for even those who are not photosensitive. Movie Tavern had signs posted on the doors; I was surprised there was not a notice on the website. I wonder if they would exchange tickets?

It was time to leave...
and get readjusted to light in the lobby before heading back into the heat.

Movie Review

We really loved the first Incredibles movie and have seen it A LOT! Not quite as many times as the Harry Potter movies, but...nope, no where near as close. Probably closer to how many times we've seen Despicable Me. (giggles) Anyway, there is a big plot hole in the family story. The bad guy part is fine. So fine, in fact, I held my breath during a couple of scenes. But the family part of the story line was, well, it was good, but there was or is a hole and it's pretty darn big. I'm not giving any spoilers; if you're a true fan, you'll see it immediately. Oh, well. Overall, it's a great movie and sequel because it picks up right where the first movie ends. 

I love Violet. Who is your favorite Incredible family member? Oh, and Edna Mode is AWESOME, dahling! (giggles)

Have you seen any good movies lately? What do you suggest?

Best wishes,

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl, Movie Tavern, or Disney-Pixar. The above review is unsolicted and comprised of our own observations, opinions, thoughts, and words. No purchase is required or suggested to enjoy the post. Links are provided for educational and informative purposes. The IMDB link was chosen because the header and accompanying videos did not include any photosensitive graphics. If you'd like to visit the official movie site, click this link


  1. I had read about the lights ahead of time and thought it was in poor taste to do it that way. I didn't see the benefit.

    The movie also seems to struggle with traditional gender ideology a bit much but you know I loved the house the family got to stay in.

    1. I think it would have been just as effective without the strobe effect. Just look at The Wall. LOL

      The gender role part I knew was part of the script so I didn't mind. It was nice to see Mr Incredible grow.

      The house was (pardon me) INCREDIBLE! I'd love living there. Kid of mid-century modern too. ;-)