Thursday, July 26, 2018

AG Product Review: Melody's Pajamas

Not Our Melody

I wish AG designed specifically for my Melody. Hmm, I guess they really do. (chuckles) Yep, the human here again with more sale goodies. While looking for swimwear, Melody's Pajamas set popped out at me and made me think of poor dear Kirsten stuck in a flannel nightie [aka nightgown] year round. Her favorite color is blue so this seemed like a great fit and a good price. Of course, Kirsten will be helping with the review.
I'm in blue!

The Details

Melody's Pajamas come in one of the smaller rectangle boxes.
Side note: I was wrong about Nanea's mat. It would not fit in this size box. 😏
Only the sticker on the back of the box let's me know what is inside.
The pajamas are tucked nicely inside. The top is the first thing you see.
The set contains...
a short-sleeve pajama top and shorts in a nice cotton fabric. The fabric is blue with white stars, pink flourishes, and white and pink dot trails. Blue "leather" slippers with white pom pom embellishments, and two pink satin bows on black ponytail holders. Edna says, "Not from my shop, but fabulous, dahling!"

Awesome sauce! Are these pjs for me?!
So pretty! I love them! 
The tiny, pink, plastic buttons really work! 

No Velcro here! Yay! Although, they might be a challenge for smaller hands or collectors with arthritis.
I didn't button all the buttons. So comfy! How do I look? Missy, leave the pom pom alone!
Twirl, please.
I love the clean look from the back!
I could stay in these all day long! (giggles)

The Low Down

  • PJs - very cute, timeless, nice fabric, and real buttons! Plus they go on easily and fit Kirsten well.
  • Slippers - Fit nicely. The pom poms are soft white puff balls. Kind of corny for now, but era appropriate; they'd even be good for Julie in the 70s.
  • Bows - The added ponytail holder makes these super easy to use.
  • Overall - I love Melody's Pajamas set and am glad I got it on sale. This was a couple dollars more than an OG set from Target, but the fit and finish as well as the slippers are much better quality. Note: this set is a July special. After July 31, 2018 it goes back to regular price. I give it 5 stars. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 [Just found those. LOL]

I think we need a slumber party!

Best wishes,

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