Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fashion Review: OG Sweet Summer

Spring into Summer

Our Generation: Sweet Summer

We love eyelet, so when Xyra saw this outfit she picked it right up. So much for having only one or two outfits on our Our Generation wish list. (giggles)



The outfit comes with pink sling back shoes, pink floral cropped leggings, white sleeveless eyelet blouse with peplum, pink beaded stretchy bracelet, and pale blue sunglasses. I couldn't find the bracelet for this shot. Kaya found it in her riding boot. You'll see it soon.
Grrr. So frustrating. No links for this outfit. Not on the OG site; not on Target's site. I'm so sorry. 



My hair isn't quite like the models, but close. I love the color of Kaylee's hair.
I really like the sunglasses and isn't the bracelet cute with the heart charm. The only drawback is it is really snug. If you don't like tight bracelets, this isn't for you. I wish it had a bit more shake to it. I wonder if Xyra can ask Lady Vanyer to fix it?
The back of the blouse is secured with Velcro. It doesn't open all the way down so I had to step into it. It is kind of snug too and I had to wiggle a bit to get it on. The shoes are awesome. Did you notice the little bow on the back?
The leggings were kind of tight too, but went on relatively easily.
The sunglasses stay perched on my head. I like when I don't have to worry about losing my sunglasses.

Xyra's Notes

  • Lanie mentioned having to step into the blouse and wiggle it over her hips. This blouse and the leggings were more difficult to get on than the Mad About Plaid outfit. The leggings are nice and soft, but short waisted. It's good the blouse has the peplum to cover when sitting and standing.
  • The shoes are molded plastic with a tan sole. Cute and sturdy.
  • I'm really sorry about not having links to show you. Quite bothersome.

What is your favorite piece of this outfit? What is your favorite photo from the shoot?

Have a great day!

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl or Our Generation. This outfit was purchased for our collection from a local Target. The review is unsolicited and comprised or our honest thoughts and opinions. All links are for educational and informative purposes; no purchase is suggested or required.


  1. I got this outfit too and had the same issue with the top that you did. I put it on my Marie-Grace later on and it fit her slightly better (she's a little thinner) but still a struggle. It is a really cute outfit though. I wish OG/Battat/Target would get their act together and update their websites, very annoying!

    I LOVE that last picture of her smelling the flowers, so cute.

    1. Some of these tighter clothes will get handed to Haley - she's the slimmest of the bunch. Lanie definitely is the slimmest of the AG girls.

      Thank you! It's a favorite here too.

  2. Love your reviews <3 Lanie looks very beautiful in that outfit :)

    1. Thank you. It really does suit her personality. :)

  3. My favorite piece from the set would be the sunglasses, they look like they fit much better than AG sunglasses.

    1. This pair does fit better than many of the other OG sunglasses. I can only compare to the older AG sunglasses - all of those go on and fit well. One additional careful how you carry them in your purse. One lens popped out, but was easy to pop back in again. :)