Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tea Review: PG Tips

Thirsty Thursday

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In the book blogger realm there is a weekly meme of Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts. 
We're dropping the second half of that for today's tea review.
So if you are thirsty, put the kettle on or pour your favorite beverage and read on.

PG Tips

A couple people suggested we check out PG Tips brand tea. 
At first we didn't know it was around, but then Xyra found it at our local grocery store and at Target.
She bought it at Target.
The PG Tips box is a cellophane wrapped light cardboard/paperboard  box. When you lift the lid there is perforated cover you need to remove. Then you can get to the bags. You know, this box would be great for making a bunk trunk.
Yes, it would!
Back to business!
Since the bags are not wrapped and the box not airtight we're going to move these to one of our empty tea tins.
The Fashionista Tea tin will be perfect.
The bags are triangle or pyramid shaped to allow the tea leaves more movement while steeping. They are also tagless.
I've put a bag in the pot. Let's add the hot water.
I've set the timer for 4 minutes. 
Adding the water gave us that color immediately.
The bags have been transferred.
There is a lot of tea dust in the box.
Speaking of the box...The PG Tips box notes it is England's No. 1 Tea using only the top two tea leaves and bud of each plant for the blend. The brand is celebrating its 85th year in business.
That's cool!
(timer beeping)
Very nice color. Dark amber. 
I have the cups ready.
Smells dark and rich.

Let's give it a taste.
Hmmm. Not sure I like it unsweetened.
It is strong.
Has an edge to it.
Let's try raw sugar.
Seems only slightly different.
Has a maltiness now.
Good, but still needs something. Let's add milk.
Okay, this is better. 
Yes, malty and creamy.
I'm still not sure.
Next cup with regular sugar.
Sweeter than with raw.
Yes, I agree.
Almost too sweet for me.
Now with milk.
Oh, sweet and creamy.
Very tasty.
I like it. One more cup with agave nectar.
Now it's sweet and dark.
Still full bodied and robust.
Definitely sweet. Shall we add milk.
This combination took all the edges off.
Yes, smooth and creamy.
Good, but I like the regular sugar and milk best.
PG Tips tea is a good, robust tea with enough body to support milk...
Possibly even half & half.
We liked it best sweetened and with milk.

Xyra's Note

PG Tips is manufactured by Unilever as is Lipton. It is a full bodied, black tea blend. I like it, but don't love it. You don't want to over steep this one - it will get bitter. I did not pick it up at our local grocery store since it was listed at $6.99; at Target it was $4.19.

Have you tried PG Tips? Is this your favorite brand? How do you take it (plain, sweet, sweet with milk/cream)?

Happy sipping!

  • Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl, Madame Alexander, PG Tips, Fashionista Tea, or Unilever. As mentioned above, we purchased the tea at a local store. The review is unsolicited and comprised of our honest opinions. All links are provided for educational and informative purposes; no purchase is suggested or required. 
  • The Bunk Trunk mentioned above is part one of Camp Doll Diaries first week crafts. You can see more about Camp Doll Diaries here.



  1. I'm glad you were able to find it! Most everyone I know drinks it with milk, I'm not a tea drinker but after reading your review, I understand why.

    1. :-D Another perk to drinking your tea with milk is that it helps protect your teeth from stains.