Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Prep 2015

What to Wear?

Haley, Kaya'aton'my', Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, 2 or more

Searching for Ideas!

[The photos are on the dark side, but not too bad. The girls were searching in the early morning hours before school. The camera flash was too bright; without is a tad darker than I'd like. Still working with the old camera.]

What are you going to be for Halloween this year?
I don't know. There has to be something good here.
Or in our wardrobes.
Hey, Kaya, do you have anything I could use.
Oh, Haley. I'm sorry, but no.
But I remember wearing...
I know, but the more I think and learn about my just doesn't seem right. Let's sit down for a minute.
Here's the thing, and it's a tough situation because if you look at Halloween there are all sorts of stereotypes: Oktoberfest girl and guy, Geisha, China Doll, Viking, siesta or fiesta Mexican, Indian; they just feel wrong - like people are poking fun at the origins.
I think I see your point.
It would be different if you were doing a school report in English or Social Studies and needed visual aides.
Like if I presented a report on the history of pow wow regalia?
Yeah. Did you know that each jingle on a jingle dress contains a prayer?
Is that why...
Yeah, you know I really want to learn about and make my own jingle dress; there's a deep spiritual connection to that discipline.
(quiet giggling)
Yes, I know I repeated myself.
No, I agree - it's a total wow!
I get it. But what if we were going to a party that was themed with historical or literary characters?
I just don't know... (smiles broadly) However, as there are so many books and so little time; I think we could leave the Native American representation to me and find alternatives for you.
You got it sis!
Come on...give us a squidge!

What kind of costumes do you think we will come up with this year? What are you going as for Halloween?

So glad you stopped. Come again soon!


  1. Thank you for this awesome and timely post! It really explains how cultural appropriation is wrong. --Kaya does such a good job being kind and loving, but showing that SHE is the one with the right to her own culture! Her heritage is not a costume!

    1. I'm glad you liked our post. Thank you for stopping by and sharing.

  2. My girls are having their party tonight, I will be posting about it tomorrow. It is difficult to come up with costumes sometimes, not only do we have to be culturally aware, but some of them that are out there are just plain awful. I can't wait to see what your gang comes up with!

    1. A perfect activity for mischief night. :) Looking forward to seeing what they wear. Betting there is a minion among the bunch.

      Yes, I completely agree. Being culturally aware and modest can be very difficult.