Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Coolspring 2015 Fall Expo 2

Day Two

Yikes! Well, I suppose I shouldn't have invited you "back tomorrow" on the day one post. Things got nutty around here and none of us could get to the computer. Bummer. But today is better and I can tell you more about this fall's Coolspring Power Museum trip.

Meeting New Friends

It's neat to have meet ups. In June Kirsten got to meet Flo and Shivan from Say Hello to My Little Friends. Flo and Xyra were able to coordinate another meet up. Sadly, we were running a little late and were just finishing breakfast when they arrived. But, boy, did we hoof it up to the General Store as soon as we were done! 

Guess who we got to meet this time? LOUISA! She's awesome!

We really wanted to see the big 600hp Snow engine run, but stopped for a few photos along the way.  One of the paths to the Snow has a bridge over a small stream.

Then a set of stairs to get up the hill to Exley StationThe staircase has a bench on the landing between flights. Smart move. Lots of people like to sit there and chat. So we stopped there too. Don't you just love Louisa's boots? Maybe for Christmas...
Then we climbed the rest of the stairs to the top.

We listened to a talk about the Snow and got to watch the crew start it up. Fascinating! I know it wasn't my first time seeing it run, but I'm still amazed by all the moving parts and their size! We posed for a photo next to the fly wheel.

Next we went down to the center of the museum grounds for ice cream. It was so good. I had a combination of chocolate and maple nut. Louisa had chocolate. 
The ice cream is one of the best treats for visitors. Summer or fall it's super tasty.

Then it was off to get warm in the Windy City building. The gas lights make a huge difference. It was running and we could hear the rhythmic boom of the exhaust. 
The engineer let us take a photo on the rocking chair. 
This is the original chair used by Jim McCauley during his 43 years as maintaining engineer. From when it was an in service air lease to its arrival at the museum to when he retired in 1989.

While there we posed in our matching shirts from Nonna
Looking good, Louisa; I like your style. (giggles)

We walked through the flea market area. didn't find much there. Sadly, I think June's rain and the weather predictions for last weekend kept many away including the boutique Kirsten found. Oh well. We did find one thing and had to text Nonna for some help. I'll show you more in the next post.

Off to Sudlow Station to rest in some very comfy camp chairs.  We chatted there for quite a bit. (giggles) But we forgot to take any photos there. Not sure how that happened.

Just before Louisa and Flo said goodbye we visited the Aaron Nagy Eclipse building. 
We tried to get our photo on the wood porch while the sun was out, but it was in and out so often we missed the brief window. 
Still turned out nicely.

Rest of the Day

After Louisa and Flo headed home the rain started. Not a lot. Rain was part of the weather rotation: sun, overcast, wind, a bit of rain, restart. It was neat to hear the rain on the roof of Sudlow Station
Later in the afternoon, Franz started the Parmaco and we didn't hear the rain anymore. 

Soon it was time for dinner. Xyra walked up to the Community Center and brought back spaghetti dinners. Yum! 

After dinner we hung out in the station. Watching and listening to the Parmaco. 
Xyra read. I read, but I also had fun with the goodies Flo and Louisa brought. Wooly Willy was funny! 
I kept asking goofy questions to the magic 8 ball - it gave goofy answers. (giggles)

That's all for today. I hope to bring you more tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Best wishes,



  1. Those steps seemed to go on forever, didn't they? I had a great time though!

    --Louisa (and Flo!)

    1. Yeah, they did! I think I went up and down at least 5 times during our stay. :) It was a fun day; I had a great time showing you around. :)

  2. must be so much fun meeting new friends and going fun places! I went to Seattle with Sharry twice (once with Stephanie and once with Sunny). Sharry always talks about Flo, so I hope I get to meet her someday. And I know my friend Melody Davis would love to meet Melody Q! (you guys almost look like twins!) It's ashame both of you are so far away! I'm glad you had fun!

    1. I hope you get to meet Flo someday too; she's awesome!

      It is fun to meet new friends. A lot of our trips are to the same place each year. You never know when a trip to a new place pops up though. Or when you can coordinate with someone in the vicinity of your destination. :)