Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Seeing Double

Accessory Twins

Groovy Dude!

We recently picked up the Our Generation Into the Groove retro accessory set.
The sunglasses and hair jewelry...just too cool!
Unfortunately, we have already mislaid the scarf. So if you get this set, I highly suggest you tuck the scarf right into the purse for storage.

The hair clip is big and kind of heavy.
The purse is cute.

[Time passes]

So I was looking for a purse to go with my outfit and went to our purse bin. I couldn't believe it! We have two identical purses! 
How did that happen?

Studying the two I noticed the one is from Into the Groove. We haven't untied the strap yet. Then realized the other is from the Boho Beauty outfit.
Wow! We're going to have to tie a string on one or something to make it different. Wouldn't want to grab the wrong purse. Oh! Now I know what to do with the scarf when we find it again! I'm going to tie it on the purse strap.

But seriously, don't you think this is a fabulous purse for this outfit? :)

Xyra's Notes

  • The barrette is a normal size for human wear. Just remember you shouldn't share - the oils in human hair do not mix well with the hair of our 18" friends.
  • I know the scarf will turn up. It was tucked away "someplace safe" and you know how that goes.
  • The purses are exactly the same. So if you have both the Boho Beauty outfit and Into the Groove retro accessory set and are particular about keeping sets together...

See you again soon!

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  1. That's interesting, I never realized it was the same bag. I have noticed them reusing pieces from older sets in other ones before.

    1. The white daisy shaped sunglasses are in at least 3 different sets. The lens colors differ a bit, but the shape is the same.