Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happy October 2015

New Month!

Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, 2 or more

Build or Rebuild

Hey, we have some time before school. What should we do?
Do we have time to rebuild the Lego calendar? I have the main pieces here, plus the bucket of new pieces.
Not sure.
We could start with the new Halloween kit.
Ooo. looks cool! Let's do it!
Sort the pieces.
I have the trick or treating witch done.
I have the skeleton.There's an extra arm. (giggles)
This is a good start to the house.
Love it!
We can do the calendar after school.

Later That Day

So after school we took what we built earlier, adjusted it a bit, and finished the calendar rebuild. What do you think? 
I really like the eyeball trees and flowers. And the other funky flowers in the Halloween garden. Can you spot the Harry Potter reference? Um, not the pointed hat or broomstick.

One lesson we learned - don't put eyes on the single circles or any piece where the edges meet. Our thumbs still hurt from trying to pry the pieces apart. Even the Lego tool didn't help. Yikes!

Best wishes,

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl, Madame Alexander, or Lego. The Lego kits featured in this post were purchased for our collection. Links provided are for educational and informational purposes only. No purchase is required or suggested.


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