Saturday, October 24, 2015

Madeline's New Clothes

Better Clothes

We did search The Toy Box Philosopher's blog for any 8" doll reviews and found one for a Tonner 8" doll. It was interesting to see the different clothes she tried and what fit. Taking Emily's lead we tried a couple of mini outfits on Madeline.

The pink gingham dress we found at The Queen's Treasures fits perfectly! This dress is not on the website. :(
Yes, she's still wearing makeshift stockings or slippers.

Then Madeline and Tama (LORI doll) switched outfits.
The pink shoes Madeline is wearing are from mini OG Holly's outfit. So the OG and LORI shoes fit Madeline well too.

Next to try on is the Wonderfully Warm  LORI outfit.
Obviously, I didn't try the earmuffs or sunglasses because of the big difference in head size.

Thank you, Emily, for your guidance in clothing Madeline!

Which do you like better?

Best wishes,

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl, Our Generation, Battat, LORI, The Queen's Treasures, or Eden Toys. All links are provided for educational and informative purposes. No purchase is required or suggested. We do follow Emily's blog The Toy Box Philosopher - she does really detailed doll reviews of all sorts of dolls.


  1. I think Wonderfully Warm is my favorite, but she looks cute in all of it. How exciting that she can wear the clothing from the other dolls, especially the shoes. I've often wondered how close the mini dolls shoes are to the Kelly dolls from the Barbie line in terms of size? I unfortunately gave all of mine to a friend's daughter, so nothing to compare here. :(

    1. Tama and Madeline were reclining on the couch and their feet looked almost exactly the same, so we took a chance and it worked! The boots from wonderfully warm are a bit more snug when on, but still fit nicely.

      And now you should find something at the thrift store or the next flea market. ;)

  2. She looks so cute, the clothes look great on her!

    1. I know, right! :) We can't decide on a favorite outfit. But we have two more to try on her. Then the mixing and matching begins. :)