Thursday, October 8, 2015

Tea Review: Chai Mookie

Chai Mookie

Kaya, Lanie, both, Xyra

Coco Mookie Blend

This is great! There are brewing instructions on the package...
Plus they gave us a card for future reference. Oh, we won't be able to help like we usually do.
No. It's more like hot cocoa than a tea. You don't put the kettle on, you use a sauce pan.
Oh. (pause..thinking...snaps fingers) I have a great idea. (whispers to Lanie)
I love it! Let's go!
(running to gather supplies for the next day)

The Girls Brew

(Kaya and Lanie return to the kitchen)
Okay, so we wanted to show you how to make a cup of Chai Mookie's Coco Mookie Blend.
The spices include: cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cacao, cloves, black pepper, and fennel. Sounds interesting.
We need half a cup of milk and half of water, 2 teaspoons raw sugar, and 1 teaspoon Mookie.
All here.
Great! Put all the ingredients in a saucepot and bring to a boil.
Now we wait.
(Time passes; pot boils)
It's boiling!
Now we reduce the heat and let it simmer for 3 - 5 minutes.
(Time passes; timer beeps)
It smells wonderful!
Yeah, exotic and soothing at the same time. Like a warm blanket on a cold day.
Oh, it tastes great. Spicy. Even has a bit of a kick to it.
You're right. Not a hot kick like with tabasco, but it tickles the tongue.
Must be the pepper.
Really good! 
We have to make this again!

Xyra's Brew

Here is my saucepan with all the ingredients assembled.
This is after boiling and simmering. From the spices clinging to the sides you can see I almost had it boil over. While a watched pot doesn't boil, one left alone can spell disaster. Thankfully, the lovely aroma alerted me in time.
Fill your cup through a sieve.

Xyra's Notes

  • The Coco Mookie Blend is really good! The cacoa is not pronounced like a hot chocolate, but velvety. The spices blend really well together to create a wonderful aroma and taste. So much better than those fake chai lattes you get at the convenience store.
  • There is a peppery after kick that lingers briefly on the tongue; I found that quite nice. If you have issues with black pepper or foods that have a spicy bite to them, you may not like this blend. Chai Mookie has several blends to offer. 
  • Melody and I tasted and enjoyed this one at the Philly Coffee and Tea Festival in November. It's perfect for sitting back and relaxing, but would also be good for starting the day.
  • This is our 700th post! Thank you so much for reading and following our blog!

Hope you enjoyed this review.

So glad you stopped. See you again Soon.

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with Chai Mookie. The product reviewed was purchased at the Philly Coffee and Tea Festival 2014. The review is unsolicited and the opinions are completely our own. All links are provided for educational and informational purposes - no purchase is required.



  1. Congrats on your 700th post!!
    The tea sounds like real chai... A restaurant in Santa Fe has chai happy hour!

    1. Thank you. :)

      Yes, this is much more like the spiced tea blends we know as chai. A happy hour would be fun. Have you ever attended?

  2. Chai is so delicious. Wow, 700! You're prolific.

    1. :-) Posting as often as possible since January 2013.