Monday, October 5, 2015

Model Monday: Kirsten #2

Not Ready for Autumn

I'm not ready to let go of our bright summer outfits even though it is cool. So I layered! Yeah, I know this isn't high fashion, but fun fashion. Leggings or jeggings fit nicely under this skirt and a tee shirt under the tank top. Sometimes it is okay to have fun and be a bit crazy with what you are wearing.

Outfit Details

Skirt and top: from Gramma Enne, found at Sandwich Faire in Illinois.
Tee: Coconut's Best Friend Outfit (AG retired)
jeggings and boots: Lanie's Nature Outfit (AG retired)

Where's Meatloaf Results

Everyone was right! Your comments have been posted now. Hope you had fun with that one. I know we did and so did Meatloaf.

Chocolate Strawberry Tea Update

We've been drinking the chocolate strawberry tea a lot this weekend and I think I found the perfect way to bring out the flavors so they are even better. I was playing with honey instead of sugar and the TASTE spiced chai honey is PERFECT! The spices infused in the honey blend with the chocolate and strawberry flavors making the cup even creamier and smooth.

Stop again soon. Have a nice day!

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