Thursday, November 13, 2014

Philly Coffee & Tea Festival Part 5

Our Adventure Continues

Back in our first year of blogging we invited you to grab your favorite beverage (hopefully tea; iced or hot) and enjoy reading our adventures. Today, with much of North America experiencing some early winter weather, we want to do that again. Our kettle is on and we'll soon be steeping a basic orange pekoe blend that is not nearly as good as the teas tasted at the Philly Coffee and Tea Festival. So get cozy while you read up on the next 5 exhibitors we visited.


We didn't get to attend any of the seminars. A few looked really interesting. One of the presenters was in session when we visited his area. Kevin Gascoyne of Camellia Sinensis and co-author of Tea, History, Terriors, Varieties had a beautiful display of books. 
I loved paging through; the photos and layout were gorgeous. It was nice to sit for a moment too.

Great Big Teas

In Part 4, I told you about Take Time for Tea a company that brings the tea party to you. Great Big Teas does a tea party in a different way. Have you been to a Tupperware, Thirty-One Gifts, TastefullySimple, or Pampered Chef demonstration? The consultants bring their wares to your house, teach you how to properly brew your tea, and let you taste different blends to find your favorite.
They have lots of different flavor blends in pretty white tins.
I tasted the Jasmine Green. It was light and lovely. Sometimes the jasmine is overpower, but this was just right. And since they know how to brew wasn't bitter.

ZenZeu Teas

When I saw the Zenzeu tea company was based in Phoenix, Arizona I thought about Great Auntie Mame and Steampunk Addie.
I tasted the acai berry white with blueberry tea. It was fabulous! Again, no sweetener needed. Light and fruity and it put a smile on my face.
The display here was fresh and clean and light.

Fashionista Teas

The Fashionista Tea display was like window shopping a boutique. The shelves in the back and decor made me feel like I was sightseeing in Paris (although, they are from New York). Not sure why - it was just a fun feeling. Maybe the tin design....
The lady and gentleman in charge were so very nice and friendly. She even took my picture. [This is where we met the nice woman from Sophia's mentioned in Part 1.]
They had several blends available for tasting and small bowls of the leaves out so you could see and smell. Here we tried the Creamy Earl Grey. According to their Facebook page it was the popular blend of the festival.

Chai Mookie

The last one for today. Don't you just love the name? Chai Mookie!
This was another great display. Loved the earth tones and fun fonts! They even had vegan cookies to try.
Here we tried the Coco Mookie. You may remember we aren't that fond of chocolate teas, but this was different and really good. Also had a bit of a spice bite to it. Speaking of spices, these are the ingredients they mix together too get their special blends.

Which of these displays was your favorite? Which of the teas tried do you think you'd like the best?

Please come again.

Best wishes,

Note to readers: The Philly Coffee and Tea Festival is a public event. Melody and I went out of curiosity and to learn more about one of our favorite things - tea. Our event recap and subsequent reviews are completely our own opinions - unsolicited by event coordinators or exhibitors. All links are provided for education purposes; no purchase is required.



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