Monday, November 24, 2014

Doll Finds: Dollar Tree

Three Great Finds

The other day we stopped to shop at Dollar Tree and just started browsing. I forget our actual goal. 

Give Me Light

The first great find is a clip lamp. Perfect for your bedroom or desk. This one was pink, but I think there were other colors.
[Xyra note: This light does work with 3 watch batteries; however, the on/off switch does not stay in the on position.]

To Infinity...

No, not Buzz Lightyear...we found a really pretty infinity scarf. There were three colors: yellow with red, green, and red/pink. I liked the green best.
[Xyra Note: This is really a headband.]

Recycle, Please

Every home should have a recycling bin. This will be perfect for cans, bottles, plastic, etc.
[Xyra Note: These were on a bottom shelf by the checkout. There were several styles I may go back for the green trash bin. They are supposed to be pencil cups.]

Additional Find

If you are looking for fleece to make bedding or other things for your doll - the baby section has fleece blankets in blue and pink. They sometimes have green and yellow too. Once washed, they also make great backdrops for portraits.

Which find is your favorite?

Happy shopping!

Best wishes,


  1. Fun finds! I like the trash bin. It is really fun. I actually have a pen that has a light on it, and it won't stay in the on position, either. :P

    1. Thank you. I'm trying to figure out something that would make it stick, but haven't come up with anything that is temporary yet.