Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Philly Coffee & Tea Festival Part 3

Making Our Way Around

There were so very many people and excitement was in the air. We picked our way around the Philly Coffee and Tea Festvial a few times to get the best pictures as well as stay out of the way of other visitors. Sometimes that was tough, but we were polite and apologized when necessary.

Not Just Tea and Coffee

One of the first treat exhibits we visited was Full Spirited Flavours
These cakes looked fabulous! I didn't have any, but Xyra had a bite-sized sample of the limoncello and chocolate raspberry cakes and said they were really yummy.


The Manuel Caffe area had a great flaming tea set that made me think of Nana Kestrel. She'd love these.

They also had a tea pot similar to the one Xyra has at work for brewing loose leaf tea.

Ghograjan Tea Estate

The first non-flavored tea we tasted was from Ghograjan Tea Estate
Yash was sharing their orthodox Assam tea. It was wonderful! No sugar needed at all. No bitterness. Just delicious.
These spoons hold samples of the orthodox tea (the two on the right) and the crush, tear, curl (the two on the left). 
It was very interesting to see the full leaf with the small leaf and the granules. The crush, tear, curl is the kind you add ginger and milk to. This tea pot was really pretty and the clear mug shows the lovely color of the brewed tea.

Simply Good Tea

This exhibitor's company had a great idea! Their loose leaf teas are packed in single serve measurements. Kind of like a tea bag, but without the bag. So many varieties to choose from too.
Another great idea! Their special infuser travel mug or bottle. 
You pour in your packet of tea, add the water, screw on the top and go. The strainer is in the top so it keeps the leaves from getting through. So cool!
They even have blooming teas. Aren't the blossoms pretty?
[We just got a great note to share with you. If you are interested in trying anything from Simply Good Tea, you can get a 10% discount on your order by entering "MelodyQ" at checkout. That's so sweet! Thank you!]


I think we're going to stop our practice of prepping the cup during our tea reviews. The teas we tasted at the Philly Coffee & Tea Festival were so good, they didn't need anything in them (except one). So from now on we will taste the tea without and add after, if necessary. 

Thank you for stopping. More from the festival soon.

Best wishes,

Note to readers: The Philly Coffee and Tea Festival is a public event. Melody and I went out of curiosity and to learn more about one of our favorite things - tea. Our event recap and subsequent reviews are completely our own opinions - unsolicited by event coordinators or exhibitors. All links are provided for education purposes; no purchase is required