Friday, November 14, 2014

Philly Coffee & Tea Festival Part 6

More Great Exhibitors

Hi! Our trip to the Philly Coffee & Tea Festival has almost come to an end. Today I get to tell you about two more great tea companies and honey!

Jane Austen Teas

Who here loves Jane Austen? (Books or movies, doesn't matter.) I know there are a few of you. Well, Bingley's Teas has a line of tea blends representing your favorite characters! I'm sorry this first picture is a little blurry. The tea in front of the box is Compassion of Mrs. Bennet's Nerves. It is an herbal blend with chamomile - another tea ingredient of which I am not that fond; however, this was delightful! The other ingredients temper the chamomile nicely.
This blend is Willoughby. By it's description ("A black tea with bergamot sonnets, smoldering with youthful passion and carrying traces of a pine smoked cottage chimney."), I'm sure this would be a favorite. Thankfully, tea can't break hearts. ;-)
This area of the table was devoted to their Tea Temptress Series.
A beautiful set up with glass pots so you can see the lovely color differences in the blends.
Who is your favorite Jane Austen character? I bet they have a blend for him or her.


At Kanlo I met a wonderful family. Everyone was there, even a lovely little girl. They were very sweet and friendly and excited to share their teas with me. 
Here I tried the Soursop blend. It was light and so very tasty - not sour at all.
They had five different blends ready for tasting: Creme Bruleee, Serene, Berry Berry, Coconut Delight, and Soursop.
Which blend do you think would be your favorite?

Taste Artisinal Market

The Taste area was a popular one. I had fun there. It's a good thing Pooh Bear wasn't here, he'd be stuck. So much lovely honey to taste.
I stayed traditional and tasted the lavender honey first. Yum! Then the spiced chai honey. So good! Last, but not least, the rosemary fig honey. Wow! That last one tasted more like a jam than honey. But it was rich, so no worries about going through a whole loaf of bread in one sitting.
They introduced a hop honey at this event. I saw on their Facebook page it was really popular.
Do you like honey? Did you know you can drizzle honey over cheese?

That's it for today. Three very yummy exhibitors.

Stop by again soon.

Best wishes,

Note to readers: The Philly Coffee and Tea Festival is a public event. Melody and I went out of curiosity and to learn more about one of our favorite things - tea. Our event recap and subsequent reviews are completely our own opinions - unsolicited by event coordinators or exhibitors. All links are provided for education purposes; no purchase is required.



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