Monday, November 10, 2014

Philly Coffee & Tea Festival Part 2

Event Post Schedule

As I mentioned in the previous post, Xyra and I had a fabulous time at the Philly Coffee and Tea Festival. We took 76 pictures! Talked to so many great people. So I just can't make it all one post. I think the event itself will be 7 posts, the recap will be 2, and then product reviews after that. I really hope you enjoy this series.

Heading Out to Oaks

Saturday was gorgeous. Chilly enough for a coat and light sweater. And for an indoor event.
Traffic wasn't too bad, but parking...we walked a decent piece to Expo Hall D.


Once inside Hall D we checked in and picked up our Media Pass. That was really neat. was kind of overwhelming, but we took a deep breath, looked at our map, put it away and jumped right in. Lady Marvin of the Lamppost would have loved it here!

Capital Teas

The closest booth to check in was Capital Teas. The woman closest to us was offering samples of the Roasted Almond tea. It was really good! Tasted like the toffee covered almonds you can get at faires and carnivals and some movie theaters. And it was pink!
They offered samples of 3 or 4 different teas. We tried two, the Roasted Almond and Oh Christmas Tea, both were outstanding.
Lots of interesting flavors to choose from. Figgy Pudding sounded great, but we bought a different flavor. The tins are beautiful.

If you weren't certain about a flavor, you could go to a viewing area where you could see and smell the different blends.

This is the black Cream Earl Grey.
Sipware was also available.

All of the Capital Teas people were very friendly and helpful.

Note to readers: The Philly Coffee and Tea Festival is a public event. Melody and I went out of curiosity and to learn more about one of our favorite things - tea. Our event recap and subsequent reviews are completely our own opinions - unsolicited by event coordinators or exhibitors. All links are provided for education purposes; no purchase is required.



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