Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October Day 3

Doll Diaries October Instagram Challenge

Day 3 - Sweater

We forgot to add a couple of sweaters to the pile, but these are our favorites.

Do you have a favorite sweater? If yes, why is it your favorite - tell us what is special about it?

Thank you for stopping.

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  1. Aww, this picture is super cute! I don't really wear sweaters; I'm that weird person who can coast until like December wearing tank tops and a light-weight jacket while everybody else is bundled up in layers of clothes. xD

  2. Xyra here - I have a dear friend who used to be that way. She went through college and her heaviest coat was a trench coat. :D

  3. My favorite would be a light sweater, the name on the tag says Cloud Jumping.

  4. Cute picture! My favorite sweater is a large grey one that I wear often. It's simple but warm. :)

    ~ Mint