Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Movie Day 2

Still Watching 80s Movies

Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, 2 or more

Heading Out

We piled in the car and headed down to Lady Webby's.
It's a fun drive with lots to see.
The radio on...
and tunes cranked.
Well, loud anyway.
But not too loud.


This time we took our shoes off and carried them down to the TV area.
Lined them up right in front.
And settled in on the comfy couch.
Move over a bit, please. Coco and I still need to sit.
We love this couch.
Everybody fits.


Before we get into detail about the movies we saw...
We want everyone to know that we didn't watch these without approval or supervision.
And we don't recommend them to anyone under 13 who doesn't have their parents approval and supervision.
Ladies Navia, Vanyer, and Webby, as well as, Xyra were our chaperons.
They answered our questions.
Told us to cover our ears or eyes if necessary.
And talked with us about the different situations.
[Xyra Note: While both movies were rate R in the 80s by today's standards they fit PG-13]

Early Show

We started with chips and dip.
Goofy! Don't talk food; talk movie.
Okay, so we started with The Breakfast Club.
According to Xyra and her friends, it's a classic.
Five teens meet in detention and form a bond.
Whether it lasts past Saturday or not we don't know.
I think it does.
Depends on a lot.
Besides, Mel, you're an optimist.
Anyway, it shows that teens...
and adults...
even though the vice principal is kind of mean...
are under a lot of pressure to be perfect.
Or to be something.
It also kind of shows what can happen when someone can't take the pressure anymore.

Late Show

After a super tasty dinner of spinach lasagna, tossed salad, strawberry pretzel yummy stuff, and tiramisu...
There you go with food again.
Everyone has to eat. Didn't you think dinner was good?
Of course, I did. Remember I had seconds on lasagna.
And strawberry pretzel yummy stuff.
Back to the movie. Our second feature was Real Genius starring Val Kilmer.
He's cute.
He's old now.
So. He was still really cute.
You know, this is kind of like an early Big Bang Theory.
True, a lot of really smart and science oriented students are enlisted to work on a project and end up making a weapon.
This one had a few more silly, but "Oh. My. Goodness." moments.
Yes, but a really good ending.
Yeah, reminded me of Julie Newman.
And Julie Albright.
Jiffy Pop!

Heading Home

Sadly, it was time to head home.
We packed up our gear.
Said our good-byes and thank yous.
Looking forward to next time.

Do you like to watch older movies? How about black and white movies? If yes, what are your favorites?

Best wishes,


  1. I've watched a few older movies mainly by way of my grandma. All about Eve, The More the Merrier, and The Caine Mutiny are about the only really old ones I've seen. The More the Merrier and All About Eve are in black and white. =D

    1. Those are good ones. Real classics. :) Very nice.

  2. OK, what about watching movies reminds you guys of me?

    *From Julie's doll mom*:

    Ok, I've never seen this movie, and there must be an inside joke here someplace. Care to share it?

    1. Yeah, the movie is too far in the future for Julie, but one of the props...
      [Spoiler alert] The kids change the target for the demonstration to the evil guy's house. The laser hits the target in his house...initially all you see if foil. But then you remember the evil guy hates popcorn...the kids made a huge version of jiffy pop popcorn and it fills the house...well, does more.

  3. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    *laughs* OK, I'll be sure to tell Julie. She's missed seeing you on her time capsule, Melody. Pop in and say hello some time.

    1. :) Will do. We're behind in our reading and commenting. Hope to catch up soon.