Monday, October 6, 2014

Doll Diaries October Challenge

Doll Diaries October Instagram Challenge

We don't have Instagram

But who cares - the challenge will be fun anyway.

If you have instagram check out more details on Doll Diaries. Or do like we are doing and have fun with it without entering.

The List

Obviously, we are behind. :) You know the saying, "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get" that seems to apply here lately.

Kirsten takes on October 1 - Fall

Fall football to be exact.
Do you watch football? College or NFL or both? What's your favorite team?

I know we aren't supposed to apologize about not posting. I now understand this need. Bloggers count on our followers and in posting frequently we feel a connection and loyalty to you. Sometimes things come up and interrupt the posting schedule - even our reading and commenting schedules. It stinks when this happens and I want you to know that Tea Time with Melody Q isn't going away. I appreciate each and every follower and comment and page view.

Best wishes,



  1. This pictures is so cute! :)
    And I'm not much of a football fan... truthfully, I'm not much of a sport-watching fan in general. xD

    1. Thank you.
      I know a lot of people who aren't really into sports. :)

  2. Not having instagram myself, I like your idea of participating anyway. I'll look forward to seeing your photos.

    1. Can't let a good idea go to waste. :)
      Thank you fo stopping. Will have another up soon.

  3. That's okay that you haven't been posting. It is totally understandable. I don't really care for football, but I do watch it when it is on the TV and someone turns it on. One of my favorite teams is the Seattle Seahawks(I was really happy when they won the Superbowl) and I did like the Baltimore Ravens, but not really anymore.

    1. Thank you. :)
      I do like the Seahawks. It was awesome when they won the Super Bowl. Since our Eagles rarely get there.