Thursday, October 30, 2014

October Day 22

Doll Diaries October Challenge

Day 22 - Homework

There are lots of different ways to do your homework. The best thing is to do it as soon as you can so you're not behind or caught off guard. 
When doing homework you should be comfortable.
I like to sit on the couch and use the lap desk*. I have the laptop, my pen, worksheets, folders, composition book, and a snack. Yum, cupcake. We don't always have cupcakes. Sometimes its pretzels, cheese and crackers, carrots and celery, or Lebanon bologna roll ups.
Almost done! Yay!

Where do you like to do your homework?
What's your favorite "brain food" snack?

*If you like our lap desk you can get one at The Shop On Leighton Avenue. Thank you, again, Amaya and Elizabeth! 

Best wishes,


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