Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October Day 23

Doll Diaries October Challenge

Melody, Haley, both

Day 23 - Monster

There are lots of different monsters. I don't like the really scary ones. But the ones on Sesame Street, Monsters, Inc.and others like that are fun - especially the ones at Monster High! 
We were brainstorming ideas about the monster theme when Xyra came home with one of our favorite Monster Cereals.
It makes a great snack. 
Even dry like a snack mix. You could mix in some Cheerios if you wanted.
Our other favorite is Count Chocula. Poor Frankenberry...just not a favorite.
After watching Monster High Freaky Fusion we may need to try it again.
See if there is new spark.

Have you ever made a snack out of dry cereal? Which is your favorite?

Best wishes,



  1. I love Count Chocula cereal! But I like mine with milk while I'm watching Saturday morning cartoons. Franken Berry and Boo Berry are OK, but I like Count Chocula the best. Even my mom likes it!

    1. It's hard not to like the monster cereals. Count Chocula is pretty awesome. Don't you just love how the milk changes color? :) When you're done eating you still have chocolate milk to drink.

    2. My mom even has some Count Chocula and Franken Berry dolls! She says she bought 'em for me, but she keeps them in her room!